Rules of Investing
Confused about debt equity proportion ?
Here are some rules that can make things easier for you!
Select your age to know the Equity percentage in your portfolio
Considering your age you should keep {{ equity_expo }}% in Equity mutual fund.
Find out how much you should save
Annual income
As per you annual income you should Save minimum ` {{ savings }}  every year.
Select your age to know the Debt percentage in Your Portfolio
Considering your age you should keep % in Debt mutual fund.
Find out how much you should invest via Sip
Annual income
As per you annual income you should invest minimum ` {{ savings_amt }}  per month via sip.
You are physically fit today.
But will you remain fit, if you don't
Workout Regularly?
Taking risk with Equity Mutual Fund
is necessary & essential for good portfolio
Debt Funds Simplified
Avoid the choppy markets & erratic returns
Consider Debt Funds for safe returns
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Founded by Alumnus of IIM Calcutta & Certified Financial planner, Investment Mitra Advisors LLP provides a unique array of proprietary and individually tailored wealth management solutions and transactional services. Our investor’s portfolio includes investments from traditional and non-traditional investment products, sometimes uniquely structured products and is well diversified across asset classes viz equity, debt, real estate, precious metals and alternative investments including Art & Sculptors. The overall array of Investment Mitra services affords our clients a “one-stop” family office-type experience and a long term trust relationship.

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