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InvestmentMitra Started by Mr. Ajay Sharma.

InvestmentMitra adopts a structured and disciplined advisory approach to provide portfolio solutions to its clients that help them achieve their desired financial goals and milestones.


What are we offering

We not only offer all Financial Solutions to achieve your Financial Goals but also coach you on various aspects of Managing your hard earned money

Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning is the process of insuring your Life, Health & other Assets so that your family can live life peacefully without worrying about the future. It is the process of Risk Transfer from you to Insurance company for a consideration called Premium

Investment Planning

Once the Insurance is done, next step is to plan your Other Financial Goals Like Child Education, Their Marriage, your Retirement by putting your money in Inflation beating Asset Class so that your Purchasing Power can be retained and you reach your Goals Faster

Founded by an Alumnus of IIM Calcutta and a Certified Financial Planner, InvestmentMitra Wealth Management is a boutique investment advisory firm with an objective to offer unbiased and honest advisory services to its clients, including NRIs & PIOs. The firm also has on its penal renowned Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers and other experts to offer its clients wide array of services.

The success of our firm is anchored in our independence and our consistent delivery of services built on safety, efficiency, precision and integrity.

InvestmentMitra Wealth Management provides a unique array of proprietary and individually tailored wealth management solutions and transactional services. We take a comprehensive approach to our advisory process in order to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients. We strive to combine the objectives of solid portfolio planning with the benefits of professional asset management.

Most investors are keenly aware of the benefits obtained through smart investment planning and cross assets diversification. However due to lack of information, insufficient experience or the absence of a trusted advisor, most never fully benefit from such opportunities. That is where InvestmentMitra can make a big difference. The overall array of InvestmentMitra services affords our clients a “one-stop” family office-type experience and a long term trust relationship.

InvestmentMitra Wealth Management acts upon clear ethical principles and nurtures a corporate culture based on the following values:

Integrity – We act upon clear ethical principles and account for all of our business activities.Independence – We are not tied or obligated to any institution or partner. We are free to pursue matters in our clients ’best interests and consider our independence a privilege that we cherish, as do our clients.

Excellence – Whatever we do, we strive to do it best as a service provider, business partner and employer.

We sell advice not products – The InvestmentMitra team is not in the business of selling products but we sell our advice. We do not incentivize our team on the basis of sales volume and product commissions earned by the company. Bonuses are based on client retention, investment performance, and the like.

Entrepreneurial spirit – We create value for our clients by empowering our staff to act in an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

Continuity and partnership – Continuity and a spirit of partnership within InvestmentMitra, as well as in all of our external relationships, are important to us. Our commitment to our staff and our clients is for the long-term.

Confidentiality – Our clients’ trust is our most valued asset. That is why we protect their interests and their confidentiality. It is a virtue deeply entrenched in how we do business


What Our Client Says

We are because of our customers. We are not doing him a fever by serving him . He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so.

  • Client Image

    InvestmentMitra People are thoroughly professional and knowledgeable. They know how to invest in different asset class as per our financial goals. I and my company, Avgat Ecommerce Pvt Ltd. have full faith in InvestmentMitra. We have seen lots of ups and down in market but their professional advise always benefits to our investment through them. We are inline to our financial goals and we wish to all the best them for their future expansion plans.

    • Mr. Deepak Khatri
    • Works at CBRE, Noida
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    I am NRI living in Australia since long time. It’s an amazing experience by investing with Mr. Ajay Sharma (Investmentmitra), An amazing Human being, Easily accessible, Completely professional & Great analyst of Indian mutual funds and market. The best part is low risk strategy has always been followed by InvestmentMitra which provide enough comfort to investors on their hard earned corpus. Mr. Ajay is an Ex defense man & I always appreciate his services for our nation & now being a true advisor he is helping number of investors to grow their wealth. I prefer to choose right advisor with caution while you investing your money and Investmentmitra is the right place for your investments.

    • Mr. Vikas Saroha
    • Head of Technology Oracle
  • Client Image

    I have been connected to Ajayji of InvestmentMitra from 2014, when we attended the IIMC Strategic Management course together. I knew he is from finance back ground but didn't connect much earlier but from past 3 years he is my go to person for any investment I make even if it's small amount. He looks my profile every year n suggest me what all correction needed and I'm blindly follow him, because my portfolio was very scattered with so many funds without good returns but now with help of InvestmentMitra, my profile is so structured with less funds with very good returns. He spends lot of time to analyse and understand our financial immediate and future needs post that only he suggests. This analysis very much need for better portfolio management. I take his suggestion whenever there is a need to invest or withdraw. Our quick calls and emails happens quite often. Because I was his batchmate in IIMC he is not charge me till now. But surely I don't mind his charges as I have gained more. I didn't had much knowledge on funds, he thought me well on the different funds and his benefits. My profile is quite well distributed in Small, Mid n Large cap funds. I was reluctant to invest more in equity but with InvestmentMitra guidance now my 90% portfolio is in equity and which are doing very good. Thank you Ajay ji and InvestmentMitra. Wish you great success

    • Mrs. Smitha Natarajamurthy
    • Project manager at Infosys, Mysore
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    InvestmentMitra stands true to their NAME their advise and working is outstanding they are the first advisor team I have come across who don't run for commission but for overall benefits and holistic approach for Investment Happy to have you in my Investment life. CHEERS

    • Mr. Anuj Batra
    • Dehradoon
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    I have been associated InvestmentMitra Since 2015, I happen to get in touch with Ajay as matter of chance. It is beyond imagination for a person sitting in Hyderabad to consult with a financial advisor sitting in NCR. I was investing earlier, but with guidance from Ajay as consultant my investment journey has been very fruitful. He and his team explains the nuances of the investment and helps you achieve your goals. I have complete faith in his team and their abilities.

    • Mr. Himanshoo Arya
    • Director, Excelex Biopolymers Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

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