November 19, 2019

โ€œChange is the only constant and same is true of investment portfolio. One need to constantly review investments and make changes as per the current economic situation and future outlook.โ€-InvestmentMitra
InvestmentMitra wishes you a Very Happy Holi. We put all unwanted things in the house in Holy pyre of *Holika Dahan* to make house look cleaner and ready to accommodate new things. On *Falgun Holi* you splash colours on everyone so that all are happy.
Purify Your Portfolio: Holi inspires us to review our investment portfolio and to know if there is any investment that is no more in line with your investment objectives. You must put it to holy pyre of Holika and do away with that.
Splash New Colours: After you have got rid of the unwanted investments i.e. have purified your existing portfolio, now is the time to splash your portfolio with new investment products/schemes in a way that will help you achieve your investment objectives. Some of the products that we recommend to our clients depending on individual investment objectives are:

Mutual Funds: Mutual funds offer option to meet your investment needs be it a day or for long term. Mutual Funds also offer options to spread your investments across various asset classes viz. Liquid, Debt, Equity and Hybrid. Soon they will be offering option to invest in real estate and commodities.
Bonds & Company FDs: RBI, PSU & private companies offer bonds and fixed deposits that offer much better returns than your bank deposits. You may create a portfolio of such bonds and fixed deposits depending your investment horizon and risk appetite. Some PSU bonds are offering yield of around 10%.
Debt PMS: Debt markets are flush with various bonds offering yields as high as 12% or even more. Bonds are riskier than equity as it carries default risk and interest rate risk. We are offering SEBI regulated Debt PMS in alliance with experienced fund managers who help you construct portfolio of bonds to achieve desired rate of return with risk minimal risk to the portfolio.
Peer to Peer Lending: This is a new phenomenon catching up very fast especially among netizens. This is a RBI regulated online platform that brings together individual borrowers and lenders. This offers very good opportunity to individuals to lend money directly to borrowers and earn interest as high as 20%p.a. with very low risk.
New Age ULIPs: or new age ULIPs. With introduction of long term capital gains tax suddenly ULIPs that were regarded SIN investments till now, are favorite of HNI investors now. A few insurance companies are offering ULIPs with total expenses even lower than mutual funds and fully tax free returns. Their fund performance is very competitive to mutual fund schemes of top quartile. They also offers opportunity to switch between equity and debt without incurring any exit or switch charges and short term or long term capital gains.
And there are many more other products and investment solutions that we at InvestmentMitra offer to our investors aligned to achieve their investment objectives and risk appetite.
So get your portfolio purified (reviewed) by your investment Mitra and splash new colours (make change in portfolio) if it needs. We will be very happy to do the same.
Once again Team InvestmentMitra wish you a very ๐Ÿ”ฅ *Happy Holi!* ๐ŸŒˆ

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