November 19, 2019

Lord Krishna is one of the most popular and worshipped deities among the Hindus. Krishna represents knowledge, wisdom, beauty and opulence. Shri Krishna is the very embodiment of love and divine ecstasy that destroys all pain and offense. Krishna’s teachings empower people across societies to excel in their works and deeds, best among them being the realization of Divine & the Demon within oneself.
Let us find wisdom in his teachings to improve upon our financial well-being.
*Detach Yourself*: Krishna teaches you to detach yourself from grief and joy. Same way detach yourself from Greed & Fear syndrome from your investments. Don’t be greedy when in general markets are doing great and don’t fear when they are down.
*Karma Yoga*: As an investor your Karma is to pick up the right products for your portfolio befitting your risk and return matrix, aligned to your financial goals and then let them do their work.
*Transcendental Knowledge*: You should have knowledge of different asset classes and how products work in those classes. You must have an advisor to guide you through such plethora of investment products to help you choose the right one.
*Dhyana Yoga*: Meditate on your investments regularly. Like you do your meditation or prayers daily, similarly review your portfolio periodically. It could be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly depending on your financial plan and investment portfolio.
*The Universal Form & Knowledge of Absolute*: Know that Indian Economy is the Absolute or The Universal Form for an investor. While there may be short term hiccups but in the long run it is bound to grow and distribute fruits to them who retain faith in it.
*Attaining the Supreme*: By retaining faith in the Absolute i.e. Indian Economy and practicing Karma & Dhyana Yoga keeping yourself detached from the ups and downs of the markets, you will attain your Supreme i.e. your financial goals.
*The Opulence of the Absolute*: Indian economy has enormous potential for growth and wealth creation for decades to come. Have faith in your Absolute and work your investments practicing Karma and Dhyana Yoga of periodically reviewing and rebalancing your portfolio.
*The Divisions of Faith*: Those who don’t become aware i.e are not able to get rid of their greed and fear, have no faith in the economy, tend to lose patience every now and then, will suffer in their investments. And those who understood the difference of news and noise and are undeterred by short term disturbances but take advantage of the opportunities that come their way will benefit enormously.
*Conclusion – The Perfection of the Renunciation*: Surrender to Absolute (have faith in your Economy), focus on your Karma (pick the right product) and Dhyana (reviewing your investments), acquiring the Transcendental Knowledge (Knowledge of investment universe, its modalities and guidance of an Advisor) and attaining the Supreme (your financial goals).
*Team InvestmentMitra* wishes you *Happy Janmashtami*. May Krishna bless you with complete enlightenment and eternal bliss in your life.

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