July 19, 2020

“An investor without investment objectives is like a traveler without a destination.” – Ralph Seger
Legend goes that it is on this day that Lord Shiva married Goddess Parvati after she observed strict penance on moonless nights for his long life and well-being. Sawan Shivaratri, therefore, marks the union of Shakti and Lord Shiva, the two great forces in the universe.
It is believed that observing Shivaratri rituals on this auspicious occasion can help one attain Moksha or Nirvana – ridding you all of your worries. One such ritual being devotees visiting Shiva shrines and carrying Ganges holy water bathing Shiva idols at their temples.
There are quite interesting lessons to learn from this great festival for investors. First and foremost is the concept of Moksha or Nirvana. In layman’s language it refers to freedom from all your worldly worries. While a devotee’s sole objective of observing rituals is to attain moksha. We do, as investors, strive to attain Financial Moksha – freedom from all our financial worries.
A common objective of all investors is to earn good returns on their investments that will help them attain their Financial Nirvana or Moksha. But for that one has to observe strict penance like Goddess Parvati did. One has to give time to his investments even if at times it is suffering losses, as long as you are on the right path.
The right path entails performing specific rituals. For investment purpose these rituals include defining SMART financial goals, asset allocation, diversification among investment options etc. These are very important concepts or financial rituals to be followed to attain financial moksha. Portfolio rebalancing is akin to devotees pouring Ganges holy water on Lord Shiva’s idol.
Like the union of Shakti and Lord Shiva on Shivaratri after Goddess Parvati observed strict penance on moonless nights, returns on your investments also depends on the time you have spent in the market and the risk you have taken.
So this Shivaratri vow that you shall create a SMART financial plan for whatever financial objectives you have, may be just earning better returns. And will give required time to your investments without worrying for short term volatility.
May Lord Shiva & Adi Shakti bless you with good health, wealth and happiness!
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