January 28, 2021


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese proverb


Till about a week back, we were discussing that markets have gone very high and in last one week broader markets have come down by 6 to 8% from their peaks. Noticeable thing is that majorly large stocks had risen in prices in past year and price movement in small caps had started to pick up recently from last about 2 months.


And if we notice the fall in the recent week, it is majorly in large companies stocks. It was due to FPIs had bought more into these stocks after covid fall in March and now are redeeming the same investment.


In our New Year message at InvestmentMitra From 2020 Moving Into 2021 – Evaluate and Plan, looking at the valuations, we had advised you to rebalance your portfolio and stagger your equity investments over 3-5 months period expecting some corrections to happen in this period.


Now with markets down by over 6-8%, you should consider start increasing your exposure to equity funds especially multicap. For your regular income need you may use good quality balance advantage funds.


Consult your investment advisor to make changes in your portfolio. Or whatsapp your query to # 9958447700 or 9254673750 or email to info@investmentmitra.com


Thank you.


Happy Investing!


Team InvestmentMitra

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